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♣ ♣ Character Info (WIP) ♣ ♣

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Canon title: Amnesia: Memories

Canon description: Amnesia is a visual novel/game series/anime about a girl who awakens to find herself lacking all of her memories. To learn the truth behind her amnesia, she has to choose from five different romantic paths, each set within its own world. This muse is one of those potential paths. In other words, Amnesia is an otome mystery series that pretty much focuses on exploring characters through alternate universes and timelines, so it's basically AU: The game.

Additional info: You'd think that this AU business would make matters complicated for roleplay, but it's actually quite the opposite. Amnesia characters very easily fit into whichever mode happens to suit your fancy, as their situations are always up for tweaking. So when it comes to setting up an AU plot for RP purposes, COME AT ME BRO! Go ahead and assume dat CR. Wanna start a thread where our characters are both crime-fighting detectives? An average married couple? Dance club DJ's? High school rivals? Knock yourself out. No need to ask! I'll roll with whatever you give me, since I'm pretty much obligated by canon to be reeeally flexible when it comes to plots. Otherwise I'll just stick to my character's main universe if you have no preference. Despite his environment and circumstances being situational, my character's personality, habits, interests, general background, and appearance will remain more-or-less the same. Feel free to read a helpful description of such details down below, if you want.

Name: Kent (Nicknamed "Ken" by Ikki)

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"

Age: 25 (In the main universes, anyway. Is aged up or down in other games. I prefer to play him between the ages of 16-26.)
Birthday: September 23
Sign: Libra
Family members: Father, mother
Hobbies: Finishing math puzzles, observing things
Club History: None
Favorite Food: Minestrone (Italian vegetable soup)
Least Favorite Food: Crabs, chestnuts
Favorite animal: Everything (Only in terms of observing them)

Occupation: Varies depending on the universe. Most of the time he's pictured as a graduate student at a college university/Mathematics researcher. He may also be seen as an unofficial math tutor, a high school student-council president, and/or a part-time worker at the maid/butler-themed cafe "Meido no Hitsuji", to name a few primary roles.... but the possibilities are endless.

First impressions: Objectively, Kent is fairly attractive- but at a glance he is also pretty intimidating to a lot of people. He is very tall with broad shoulders, and usually dresses in a long dark trenchcoat. He has a habit of staring people down in silence. When he does open his mouth, he can be overly logical to the point of insensitivity, and argumentative. He really seems like the kind of stuffy guy who just has to be right about everything, and often takes matters far too seriously. It takes a special kind of persistence to get along with this difficult guy.

Getting to know him: Holy shit, what a huge nerd. This guy LOOOVES math to an absurd degree... Like, to the point where he will give you boring lectures about it forever, if you let him. He may even give you random pop quizzes. But math equations and solving puzzles are genuinely fun and enjoyable to him, so if Kent is actually taking the time to try and stump you with a question or tutor you, you can take that to mean that he may actually just be trying to get to know you better... in his own Kent-like way. The same goes for his habit of getting into debates. According to his "best friend"/"bad friend"/"friendly rival" Ikki, arguing is just how Kent expresses his affection (...although Kent would argue against that remark). Kent has a tendency to take amusement in phenomena that can't be easily explained by logic. The people around him, along with their emotions, are subjects of his observation. For Kent, even love is something that needs to be explained with logic.
Despite coming across as a stoic guy due to the fact that 99% of his daily activity includes observing and analyzing things/people, Kent is actually pretty expressive and isn't good at hiding his emotions. Also, if something throws him off-balance and rattles him, Kent can become so wrapped up in his thoughts that he ends up becoming uncharacteristically clumsy. He has a lot of social awkwardness and many people would call him strange, but he is a pretty earnest and well-meaning guy deep down. Due to his usual cool and logical demeanor, it can be pretty tempting for people to laugh at his overly-serious nature. But as a friend, Kent can actually be a very playful and teasing person. As a boyfriend, Kent is COMPLETELY clueless when it comes to romance, but that cluelessness just makes him more determined to work at figuring it out. 

Backtagging: Definitely!
Threadhopping: Sure.
Fourthwalling: In moderation, sure.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing comes to mind. Come at me bro!
Hugging/Kissing/Flirting: THAT WOULD BE INAPPROPRIATE. Do it. (Although this guy is so uptight he'd probably lecture you for doing so if you two haven't gone through the proper stages of a relationship beforehand. Do it anyway.)
Fighting with this character: Sure. He'd much prefer a verbal battle, but by normal-guy standards, Kent is big enough and in decent enough shape to hold his own.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Sure; but if it goes as far as gore, please notify/ask me first.
Killing this character: Fine with me, though again- I'd like to be notified first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: No problem.
Warnings: None come to mind.
Shipping/Smut: HAHA GOOD LUCK. No but really, Kent overthinks things so much that he'd need some persistent persuasion to go this far. But mun welcomes smut; m/m or m/f is fine. Kink-list coming soon.

Voice: Sounds like this